Pure Snackin’ Apple Chips

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Pure Snackin' Apple Chips
Looking for a low calorie, high fiber, feel-good snack with addictively delicious taste? You’ve got to try these Pure Snackin’ Apple Chips – so named because they’re pure apple, and nothing else besides a sprinkling of ground cinnamon. Now that’s a healthy snack! And unlike a lot of so-called diet snacks, which frankly taste like cardboard, these crispy, crunchy little devils will keep your tastebuds entertained with powerful bursts of apple-cinnamon flavor. I bet you can’t eat just one – I know I can’t – and that’s okay, because they’re 100% apple! Three cheers for the splendor of quantity!

Pure Snackin' Apple ChipsMandoline Rain
These apple chips are the definition of easy cooking – slice some apples, slip them into a low oven for a few hours, and voila! You’re in healthy snacking paradise. The only catch is, unless you’re an Iron Chef, it’s a little time consuming to slice your apples thin enough for them to get chippy without using a food processor or mandoline slicer.

If you don’t own a mandoline slicer, consider one – they’re especially useful for those of us who eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. Not only do they make quick work of slicing jobs, but they make thinner and more uniform slices than most of us can make using a knife. They’re also inexpensive. Although mine was a Christmas present (thanks, Mom) I believe it cost around $25 on Amazon.com. Worth every penny!

No worries if you don’t own any slicing devices. As long as you have a sharp knife and a we bit of patience, you can make these apple chips and they’ll be awesome.

Pure Snackin' Apple ChipsMunchie Management
I made a batch of these apple chips and placed them strategically on the counter near one of my weight-loss pitfalls – the cabinet where the bread and peanut butter live. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with bread and peanut butter in moderation, but moderation is the operative word, and it’s never been my strong suit. Anyway, whenever I found myself drifting in that direction, I encountered a lovely bowl of apple chips, had a few, and moved on. Later, when I was watching tv, I grabbed the apple chips and noshed on them quite happily, never once craving something else.

If you’re trying to lose weight, snacking on the wrong foods can really slow your progress. If you’re as prone to snack attacks as I am, I can’t recommend these apple chips highly enough. They’re high in fiber and flavor, so they’re satisfying all the way around, and satisfaction is key when you’re successfully dropping pounds.

Pure Snackin' Apple ChipsPure Snackin’ Apple Chips
makes about four cups of apple chips

3 large apples, cored if you’re fussy and sliced very thin
cinnamon to sprinkle over

Preheat the oven to 225 degrees. Place a cooling rack inside a cookie sheet; if you have two of each, use both. Slice the apples and arrange them in a single layer on top of the cooling racks. Sprinkle the apples as liberally as you like with cinnamon, and pop them in the oven for an hour. I placed one sheet on an upper rack and one on a lower rack in my oven.

After an hour, take the apples out of the oven and turn them over. Sprinkle the other side with cinnamon, and pop them back into the oven for another hour. If you had sheets on upper and lower oven racks, make sure they change places for the last hour of baking.

After the apples are out of the oven, you can just toss them into a bowl and start noshing. No need to store them in an airtight container – just cover them with plastic wrap.

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